About Us

Pristine Forests & Serene High Mountain Deserts

Jtree is a Northwest based search engine optimization and advertising company with roots in Boise and Portland.


Management Team

Our CEO and CCO manage a small team of talented digital marketers and web developers that have worked together for years.

Josh Laughtland

CEO Josh Laughtland

Josh started his career with a bay area startup and was an SEM consultant for over 30 companies prior to founding Jtree.

Anne Weeks

CCO Anne Hopkins

Anne was previously a director for a national nonprofit before joining Jtree, where she currently manages accounts for businesses throughout the US.


Company Background

Jtree launched in June of 2009 in an office located in downtown Boise where we quickly gained traction as one of the first area companies to offer SEO with a web development background.

We started off by managing SEO for a variety of local businesses from software companies to web hosts, artists, movie theaters and even flower shops. While our online presence gained us access to national e-commerce companies that included Better Homes and Gardens and businesses in new locations.

Within a year, we landed our first significant project that involved managing SEO for a large number of vacation rental companies in the US and abroad. Months later, we landed another one, this time with HP and for all of their official IT resellers in the US and Canada.

As we continued to grow at a rapid pace, we attracted the attention of digital marketing agencies as a goto for difficult technical SEO issues that often involved site and domain migrations, auditing and crawl testing. Much like that of web devs, agencies started hiring us to manage their client’s SEO through white-label agreements.

In 2014, we opened an office in Portland in order to increase accessibility for our current clients and gain access to exciting new opportunities in the e-commerce and startup sectors both locally and in San Francisco. Somewhere along the way, companies in the IT, tech, travel and tourism, e-commerce, startup, and international space came to represent the majority of our active clients.

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