About Us

Based in the Northwest

Since 2009 Jtree has provided service to companies in 24 states and 5 countries.

Company Background

Jtree has roots in Boise, Idaho and Portland, Oregon that reach throughout the US and world. We opened our first office in Boise and in 2014 opened another in Portland.

Before launching Jtree, our founder started his career as a web developer/SEO working for a startup based in San Francisco. Today, Jtree employs a small group of experienced professionals that provide SEO and search engine advertising services for organizations in multiple competitive industries.

Management Team

Our CEO and CCO manage a diverse team of talented digital marketers that have worked together for years.

Josh Laughtland

CEO Josh Laughtland

Josh started his career with a bay area startup and was a web development and SEM consultant for over 30 companies prior to founding Jtree.

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Anne Weeks

CCO Anne Hopkins

Anne was previously a director for a national nonprofit before joining Jtree, where she currently manages accounts for all of our clients.

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