Site Intelligence Report

One Report – Multiple Sources

Our Site Intelligence Report was designed as a tool to keep decision-makers informed about where website visitors come from, what devices and keyphrases they use and which pages they visit.

Integrated Website Reporting

We save companies a significant amount of time and resources by combining key data from Google Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business into a single report. We can also pipe-in data from Ahrefs, Bing, Google Ads, Majestic, Moz and metrics from the most popular social media networks.

Common Uses:

  • Monitoring the number of site pages currently indexed by Google
  • Understanding and analyzing website visitor search preferences
  • Material for reviewing where site visitors originate from
  • Identifying the top traffic driving keyphrases visitors use and pages they visit
  • Evaluating marketing and content promotion efforts
  • Providing decision makers with relevant website visitor information from multiple sources

What’s Included:

Google Index Status

Keep tabs on how well Google is indexing your website content by monitoring the number of pages currently in Google’s Main and Supplemental Indexes. Pages in the Main Index are used when Google serves search results.

Google Index Status

Google My Business Statistics

Learn how search engine users interact with your company’s Google My Business listing.

Google My Business Overview

Site Visitor Information

Find out which digital marketing channels are driving the most traffic to your website and gain insight into visitor demographics and device use.

Website Visitor Graphs

Website Visitor Overview Graphs

Website Visitor Demographic Graphs

Also included are listings of the top referring cities and websites.

Search Engine Keyphrases

Discover the top visitor driving keyphrases search engine visitors use to find your website.

Search Engine Keyphrases

Also included is a listing of the most popular website pages.

Weekly Email Distribution

The weekly Site Intelligence Report contains 30-days worth of data updated with fresh data every week.

How to Get Started

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