Website Monitoring and Reporting

Daily Critical Issue Monitoring, Weekly Reporting and Monthly Assessment

We’ve been developing monitoring and reporting systems to assist us with managing and optimizing websites for a number of years. Our site monitoring and reporting service is perfect for companies that have the internal capacity to implement our guidance and recommendations.

Daily Critical Issue Monitoring

Every day our software checks for analytic variances with regard to your website. It looks for things like visitor traffic and search engine visibility changes that are out of the norm and alerts us for further investigation. We’ll contact you only if we find something that warrants your attention.

Weekly Reporting

At the end of each week, our Site Intelligence Report is delivered, which identifies where website visitors come from, what devices and keyphrases they use and pages they visit along with a wealth of other information.

Reporting Features
  • Google main and supplemental index status
  • Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google Search Console statistics
  • Top traffic driving keyphrases visitors use and pages they visit
  • Visitor demographics, device usage and geographic locations
  • Top website referral sources and channels

Monthly Assessment

At the end of every month, our team will conduct a site assessment focused on improving and maintaining website optimization guidelines, standards and protocols established by Google and other search engines.

How to Get Started

Use the form below and our team will reply with instructions about how to sign up for website monitoring and reporting. In most cases, our monitoring and reporting service costs $500/month per website. If you are only interested in the weekly reporting aspect of this service please see our Site Intelligence Report.