Speed Up Your Site by Optimizing Images With Google Squoosh

In lockstep with its ongoing effort to speed up the web, Google has released a new tool for optimizing images called Squoosh.

Here’s how to get started using Squoosh:

    Squoosh App Screen Cap

  1. Visit the Squoosh website
  2. Drag and drop or upload an image

I tried it with an 8 MB image that was reduced by 93% in size with what seemed like no reduction in image quality.

The screen capture below taken of Squoosh in action was reduced in size by 93% from 1.32 MB to 94.4 kB.

Squooshed Image – 94.4 kB – 93% file size reduction

Squoosh Screen Capture Optimized

Not Squooshed Image – 1.32 MB

Squoosh Screen Capture Not Optimized

Once again, I can’t visibly detect any loss of image quality. Imagine if your whole website had images that loaded 93% faster?

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