Ongoing SEO Service

The primary objective of ongoing SEO service is to increase and maintain organic search engine result visibility for search terms and phrases relevant to company brands, services and/or products. In other words, optimization is designed to reach the people that mean the most to your business.

Ongoing SEO campaigns also focus on monitoring and maintaining technical optimizations like page load speed, mobile friendliness and site indexation. Search engines (and people) love fast loading mobile-friendly websites, which won’t matter if Google can’t find and properly evaluate your site.

Ongoing SEO Goals

  • Monitor and maintain Google organic search engine result visibility for relevant and related search terms and phrases
  • Monitor and maintain on-site, off-site and technical optimization elements
  • Continuously analyze for opportunities to improve and expand search engine reach

Service Areas of Focus

  • Analytic Testing and Monitoring (ahrefs, Google Analytics and Search Console, Majestic, Moz)
  • Business Listing Aggregation
  • Canonical Testing
  • Citation and Link Management
  • Content and Best Practices Recommendations
  • Crawl Testing
  • Critical Issue Monitoring
  • Google Knowledge Panel Optimization
  • Google My Business Management and Optimization
  • Google Search Console Site Profile Management
  • HTTPS/TLS/SSL Testing and Optimization
  • Landing page, cornerstone/evergreen content and blog post optimization
  • Local/National Organization Schema
  • Mobile Friendliness Testing and Optimization
  • On-Site, Off-Site and Technical Optimization
  • Structured Data Implementation and Optimization
  • Website Speed Optimization

Campaign Features

Ongoing Analysis and Service

Each interval begins with an analysis period followed by actual service. During this period, analytic data is reviewed in order to assist with maintaining a strategic approach for the campaign’s primary objective.

Example Process Overview

Ongoing SEO Process Overview

Weekly SEO Report

Our team utilizes key metrics from Google Analytics, Search Console and other sources in order to create custom PDF reports populated with monthly data and updated with fresh data every week. The weekly report features core SEO elements from our Site Intelligence Report.

Monthly Status Updates

Manual email updates directly from our team designed to provide an interface to communicate campaign information and statistics.

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