Adventure-Ready Resources for Opting Outside this Black Friday

Make No Mistake – Black Friday is Coming

Opt Outside with JtreeYou could stand in line like everyone else this Black Friday. Or, instead, you could choose to #OptOutside. Maybe soak your bones in a natural hot spring after bagging an epic hike and/or golden hour sunset. Or, yeah, you could spend the day standing in line. Decisions, decisions.

This Black Friday join us as we continue to support the #OptOutside movement started by REI.

Tools for Planning Your Black Friday Escape

How-to Articles and Trail Finder
Trail SearchREI Adventure Planner – learn or refresh an outdoor skill and find trails to hike near you.
Adventure Search Map
Adventure SearchTrack down a wide variety of outdoor adventures near you with Outdoor Project’s indispensable Adventure Search Map.
Shoot for the Golden Hour
Find the Golden HourSeek out your local Golden Hour – the first and last hour of sunlight during the day optimal for outdoor photography.
Soak in a Natural Hot Springs
Natural Hot SpringsReconnect with nature by spending the day blissfully soaking in a natural hot springs in California, Idaho, Nevada or Oregon.

Don’t forget to hashtag your Black Friday adventures: #OptOutsideCya on the trail!

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