Advocating for the Boise River

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We are very proud to be involved with organizations which effect the conservation of our natural environment. Advocates for the West (our client) recently helped protect the Boise River from a mining company (Atlanta Gold), who was found guilty of contaminating the Boise River with ‘toxic levels of arsenic and iron’.

Thanks to the efforts of Advocates for the West and the Idaho Conservation League:

Monday January 9, U.S. District Chief Magistrate Judge Williams determined Atlanta Gold Corporation is illegally polluting ontezuma Creek, a tributary of the Boise River near Atlanta, Idaho, with toxic levels of arsenic and iron, constituting over 1,400 violations of the Clean Water Act.

Source: Big Win for Clean Water in Idaho! – Advocates for the West

This feat will help protect the Boise River from other mining companies with similar practices aside from stopping Atlanta Gold from currently polluting clean water.

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