Find Out Who Links to Your Site with the SEO Backlink Checker Tool

Why Backlinks?

Oldskool Backlink CheckersBacklinks are linky votes of confidence, and are core to any serious SEO campaign. Backlinks represent links from other websites that point to your site, and are very important in regard to how well your website or blog ranks in the search engines. The more quality backlinks a site has translates into better search engine rankings… in a nutshell.

Backlink Intel

  • Google typically only reveals LESS THAN 1% of the actual backlinks for your site that they are giving you credit for.
  • Yahoo! typically only reveals LESS THAN 5% of the actual backinks for your site.

The main reason why backlink sources are not revealed is simple; Blackhat SEOs can use that information for shady intentions.  All the more reason to hire a professional SEO; which have the tools to track backlinks beyond what is readily available to the general public, and experience to formulate viable Off-Page SEO strategy. Plus, we tend to have a ‘knack’ for knowing all of the good places to get ‘juicy’ backlinks. 🙂

Backlink Checker Tool

Curious about who’s linking to your website or blog? Use the backlink checker tool below to find out. Note: Pay close attention to the PageRank of backlink locations (URLs), this is a quality indicator of the site linking to you. Generally speaking, you want backlinks from websites that have a higher PageRank than your own site or blog. You can check your PageRank here.

Tip! Enter your competitor’s website address to find out where they are getting backlinks from.

Tip! Enter your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Fan Page or other social network profile URL to find out if people are linking to you.

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    Search Engines evaluate a site's ranking based on its backlinks. Backlinks are truly votes of cofidence. A backlink checker is then a handy tool to keep track and keep score.

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