Four Google Search Operators Packed with SEO Utility

Fine-Tune Your SERPS with Google Search Operators

Search operators are used to help narrow or expand a search. In their most basic form, search operators can be as simple as including ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ between search variables (keyphrases).

For Example, the search operator ‘AND’ can be used to return the results of two, combined keyphrases: ‘blue widgets AND red widgets’.

There are many Google search operators that exist. Including a handful that can be utilized for high-value SEO purposes.

Four Google Search Operators that Pack a Punch

1. Search for results within a specific site based on a targeted keyword

Useful for determining which page within a site has the most authority (in the eyes of Google) for a specific keyphrase.

Syntax: key phrase

Example – search for the page with the most authority for Wilbur Hot Springs: wilbur hot springs

Google Search Operator in Action
Google Search Operator in Action

2. See who’s linking to a specific website (note Google doesn’t display all sites, just a percentage of them)

Useful to determine who is linking to a specific website.


Example – find out who’s linking to

3. Search for sites related to a specific site


Example – search google for websites that are similar to

4. Display a list of websites that contain a specific keyphrase within the page title

Useful as a competitive measure by determining potential competeting websites for a specific keyphrase.

Syntax: allintitle:specific keyphrase

Example – display a list of potential competitors for the search term ‘california hot springs’:

allintitle:california hot springs

The possible SEO related applications of the resulting SERP (search engine result page) by utilizing the above Google Search Operators are limitless! Please comment with any favs of your own.

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