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Jtree August Update

It has been a scorching summer here in Boise, one for the record books no doubt. As the Summer of SEO ensues, we’ve been toiling away the heat of the day from within the cold, dark chambers of the newly developed subterranean Jtree labs.

While we don’t have submersible labs sunken within Quinn’s Pond (or, do we?), Jtree has been hard at work refining processes, renewing campaigns and on-boarding new clients.

Company News

Our SEO Reporting App has an upgraded interface; as if it didn’t already look good enough to eat, the new update refreshes the overall UI with a crisp, clean, easy to navigate overhaul. Daily data updates never tasted looked so good!

Our portfolio has also been refurbished with new clients – greetings newbies!

Industry Tidbits

In case you missed it, Google’s Matt Cutts provided insight into the value and importance of links in a recent interview with Eric Enge of Stone Temple. See the Twitter Card below to learn more.

While we’re on the topic of links, Google updated their link schemes Webmaster Tools guidelines, essentially laying out examples of backlinks that could negatively impact search engine rankings.

That’s it! Now get out there and enjoy the rest of summer!

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