Google Search Field Testing Underway

Google Testing Increased Search Functionality

Field testing has begun for new Google search features that incorporate results from Gmail, Google Drive and search.

Expanded Search Functionality Testing is Centered Around Both Gmail and Search Products

Gmail Search Field Testing

During the field test, Gmail users will see results that include actual emails as well as content from Google Calendar, Google Drive and enhanced flight tracking information when searching from within Gmail. Search Field Testing

Users participating in the expanded search field test will see results from Gmail and Google Drive when searching with

Take a look at the screen capture for the nitty gritty…

SEO Implications

Gmail Search

Think branded content. If you use Google Calendar invites/events or shared Google Drive documents to facilitate client interactions, those calendar invites/events and shared documents better have your company name, contact information and project name listed on it.

The goal here is to make your shared calendar invites/events and Drive documents accessible for search – so your content displays when a client needs relevant and related information about you, your company or the project you are working on together.

Google Search

The same line of thought applies here. Brand those emails baby! Make sure your signature has a link to your website, blog and social networks, subscription and contact forms (and your company name). Include keyphrases that are both relevant and related in the body of your email (consider using headings) and always make good use of short, descriptive subject text. Again, the goal is to get emails ‘indexable’ AKA optimized for search.

Possible Future SEO Implications

As if optimizing your website, blog, content, social networks wasn’t enough to keep you busy, now closer consideration will need to be given to outgoing email, calendar invites and events created.

It does fall in line with providing a universial search experience, but could ultimately ‘clutter’ the SERP (search engine result page).

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the field test plays out. Keeping in mind, this is only a test. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Google Search Field Testing Underway

  1. colbystream

    I was thinking this, and the guy right next to me said it, too. “I like Google because of their uncluttered look. Seems like this would get a little too cluttered.”

    I really hope it never makes it out of testing. If I want to search email, I search email (etc.).

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