Introducing the Next New Google – Google Now

Google, Now!!

More specifically, Google Now is for Android powered devices running Jelly Bean. Google Now aims to give you the information you need, here’s the twist, before you ask for it. Take that, Siri! This is done by providing information based on your current location, location history, web history and calendar.

Visit the Google Now Landing Page to learn more.

Google Now SEO

What does this mean for SEO? Easy. Pre-cognitive, behavioral modification-based optimization, of course!

Google Now vs Siri

Curious about how Google Now compares to Apple’s Siri? From the looks of it, GN spanks Siri pretty hard!

If you really want Google Now but don’t have Jelly Bean or an Android powered device, you might consider grabbing Google’s Nexus 7 tablet for $199/$249. It comes out in a couple weeks and pre-orders come with goodies.

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