How and Where to Recycle Everything – Happy Earth Day!

It’s time to celebrate our amazing, diverse and truly unique home planet – Earth. Here’s how to give Mother Nature a high five by properly disposing of your old electronic junk (and everything else).

Recycling Protocol

It can be confusing when attempting to determine and decipher recycling protocol for a heaping pile of old computers, parts, periferials, digital cameras, batteries and cell phones that really should be disposed of.

That 9-pin dot matrix metal printer, while still functional and quite possibly capable of surviving being dropped out of an airplane, doesn’t make the best paper weight. Plus, that bag of old cell phones you have laying around isn’t helping your wierdo cred go down.

The website and smartphone apps make it easy for folks to locate recycling facilities based on what they want to recycle. Simple and Green.

Download links and QR codes for Earth911’s smart phone recycling app are below.

One App to Recycle Them All:


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