Friday SEO Fun Fact: Organic VS Paid Result Clicks

Curious about what percent of people using Google click on actual search results in comparison to paid advertisements?

To help answer this question, further explanation may be in order…

  • Organic Search Results = Non-paid, natural search results (see capture), what SEO is focused on
  • Paid Search Results = Targeted advertisements, typically served from Google AdWords (see capture), what PPC is often focused on

Winner: Organic Search Results (80-90%)!

So, 80 to 90% of people using Google click on ACTUAL search results, where 10-20% click on advertisements.

View the annotated Search Engine Results Page (SERP) screen capture…


While many other quality sources have reported anywhere from 70-95%, the information above was derived from our own research and experience. Not long ago, the percentage of organic search result clicks was much, much lower.


Given: You have a website and don’t pay for advertising. Ten people enter search terms in Google that trigger a listing for your website.

Of those people, approxiatemly 8-9 will click on a listing located within the organic search results (where your site is listed), while approximately 1-2 (of the 10) will click on a paid advertisement.

1 thought on “Friday SEO Fun Fact: Organic VS Paid Result Clicks

  1. Hinsel Scott

    So very very true and great to see the numbers back up what I’ve always thought was true. I’ve always thought PPC is good for a quick boost if you’re just getting started and don’t want to wait, or if the competition is just ungodly but otherwise organic is going to give you those long term, stable, results. 

    Thanks for another great post JTREE! Awesome work as always!!

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