Reputation Safeguarding Slides

From the Jtree.net Presentation at the SolutionPro DataCenter Open-House

Your rep is everywhere – even if your company isn’t. Competitors and customers can easily disrupt your brand image by stealing content, impersonating your company and more. The key to managing your reputation online is to be proactive! Monitor everything, everywhere possible. Take action as soon as a threat is detected, before it multiplies.

The slides above cover general reputation safeguarding information and feature the following list of free monitoring tools that can be utilized right away.

  • Google Alerts beta http://google.com/alerts
  • Social Mention http://socialmention.com
  • Backtype http://backtype.com
  • Copyscape http://copyscape.com
  • Copygator http://copygator.com
  • Hootsuite http://hootsuite.com
  • Spokeo http://spokeo.com

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