Easy Rich Snippet Testing with This Bookmarklet

Rich Snippet Testing

Rich snippets, when added to a website or blog, provide search engines with additional information. This additional information makes search engine results a lot more ‘clicky’ by including content like a thumbnail image with the listing. Learn more about rich snippets with this infographic.

Sure, you could continuously test your rich snippets with the Google Webmaster Tools Rich Snippet Testing Tool by laboriously copying and pasting each URL into the tester, or you could utilize the below Rich Snippets Bookmarklet and dramatically speed-up rich snippet testing time.

How to Install/Use the Rich Snippets Bookmarklet

Step 1. Click and drag the link below to your bookmarks bar in your favorite web browser.


Note: You may want to edit the name of your newly created rich snippet testing bookmarklet, do this by right-clicking above your bookmarklet.

Step 2. Bring up the website/page of choice that you want to test rich snippets on and click the bookmarklet you created.

Rich Snippets Bookmarklet

There you have it! After clicking on the rich snippets bookmarklet, your results page should look something like this:

Rich Snippet Test Results

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