SEO $avings

We don’t spend a penny on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for

Thanks to sound Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, we outrank our competitors in the non-paid (organic/natural) search engine results for every keyphrase in the search engines that matter.

If we didn’t rank well organically, we would have to spend approximately $170/day on PPC advertising to make up the difference (see chart).

SEO $avings

Our stellar organic search engine rankings have allowed us to save money, boost our ROI, increase our online reputation and eliminate reliance on expensive PPC advertising campaigns.

The $170/day we save equates to over $60,000/year in online advertising savings! Despite the immediate short-term benefits of PPC advertising, SEO should always be in motion in regard to strategic long-term objectives.

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  1. search engine submission software

    I think in search engine optimisation, we all must pass by a black hat period in order to test some software and understand better the limit and rules of big G. After what we can choose a way to follow in ou SEO mission. What do you think about that?

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