SEO Zen in 2010

Growing Tree

It didn’t seem possible, but the dust has finally settled, and in 2009 experienced over 50% growth compared to 2008. Prospering during an economic downturn was no easy chore. It took long hours, dedication, education and wouldn’t have been possible without talented staff, partners and incredible clients.

Our stellar search engine rankings for our own website in 2009 continued with helping not only drive new business and growth, but with reinforcing our reputation for being able to dominate organic search results for a given market niche.

Twitter Philo to Continue

We have a fairly unique Twitter philosophy that is employed with our @JtreeSEO Twitter account. We follow back only after being followed. Period. No sketchy following thousands of people in hopes of a follow-back, or any auto-DMs for that matter either. Online marketers have a bad enough rep on Twitter to begin with. We think it’s been a success nonetheless, check out our follower graph below.


Hit the Ground Running

For the culmination of 2009 we unveiled a brand new website, expanded service offerings and rolled-out fresh blog posts as a warm-up to 2010. Almost immediately, we plan to reveal a brand new logo to complete the branding experience.

Cosmetic issues aside, our new Off-Page SEO service offering is something you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve always been a few steps ahead, so this should come as no surprise.

Off-Page SEO is geared for obtaining instant and ongoing quality backlinks for your website or blog for 12 months. It’s designed to reinforce your online reputation in the search engines without having to pay for every click.

Connect with us to get started or learn more.

Happy Holidays – Best Wishes for 2010 from!

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    I’m not too sure if it’s really going to come down to SEO vs Social. I think it’s more of a question of how they will work together, given that social media content is now showing with traditional SERPs in some form or another.

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