Google Penguin 4 Algorithm Update Released Sept 23

Google announced today the final release of Penguin as we know it. Websites hit by previous iterations of Penguin now get their chance to escape from ranking purgatory. With the new update, the Penguin ranking signal will now be included with real-time algorithm updates, which means no more waiting for the next version if a site is penalized.

In addition to real-time updates, Google was also keen to mention that Penguin targeting is now more granular. Meaning, individual pages on a website can be affected instead of receiving a site-wide penalty.

This is good news for companies previously affected by Penguin and for those here on out. With Penguin going real-time and more granular, businesses can identify potential penalty culprits and make corrections that will be quickly indexed by Google.

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Google Penguin Information
Penguin refers to a specific Google Algorithm ranking signal introduced in April 2012 that targets webspam; websites engaging in tactics that vary from keyphrase stuffing to link schemes in an effort to manipulate search engine rankings.
Current Release: 4.0 on September 23, 2016

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