Make Sure Your Website Passes This Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Test Mobile-Friendliness and Site Speed with 3 Tools from Google

A fast loading website just isn’t enough these days unless it is mobile-friendly. The three tools below are provided by Google and were developed in order to test website speed and mobile-friendliness. The first tool is especially important, websites that don’t pass this test are not treated as mobile-friendly in the eyes of Google. The other tools have been included because they provide expanded insight about how to increase site speed and imporove mobile-friendliness.

1. Google Search Console Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Tests your website to see if it meets Google’s criteria for mobile-friendly and provides details about page loading issues and site-wide usability.

Why it’s important: Mobile-friendliness is a weighted organic search engine ranking signal. If your site doesn’t pass this test it will not be treated as mobile-friendly nor will it benefit from the added signal weight.

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2. Google Developers PageSpeed Test

Google Page Speed Test

Tests page speed in order to provide relevant optimization suggestions and assigns a speed score out of 100 to both mobile and desktop versions of your website.

Why it’s important: Gives options about how to speed-up both mobile and desktop versions of your website.

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3. Think with Google Mobile Speed Test

Google Mobile Speed Test

Tests the speed of your mobile website and plots the results on an industry comparison speed graph. Provides top fixes and an option to receive a report.

Why it’s important: Shows gain/loss mobile speed estimates and top fixes.

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