PPC Success Story : VisitIdaho.org

Client: VisitIdaho.org


Poor ad-budget utilization. In a nutshell; our client felt that the in-house operation of their Google AdWords campaign could perform better if their pay per click (PPC) marketing was managed by the pros.


After a careful analysis of their previous campaign and competitive landscape was performed, Jtree.net then created a brand new campaign with optimized keyphrase targeting, ad copy, landing pages and campaign settings.


The performance of the new campaign blew that of the old campaign away right out of the gates. Click Through Ratios (CTRs) jumped from less than 1% to above 30% on many top keyphrases, bounce rates dropped approximately 25% and quality scores assigned by Google increased as well.

Basically, we were able to boost traffic substantially while increasing the quality of the traffic at the same time by creating and managing a completely optimized AdWords campaign.

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