How Long Should Blog Post and Page Titles Be?

Blog Post and Page Titles Should Be Between 50-60 Characters Long

Search engines like Google pay close attention to the title of blog posts and pages, which may be used when displaying search engine results. [tweetthis]How Long Should Titles Be? #SEOTip[/tweetthis]

SEO Page Title

Blog post and page titles between 50 and 60 characters long help prevent search engines from shortening or cutting off the title. As far as what to put in titles, ensure text is relevant and related to the actual content on the page.

As a general rule, Jtree optimizes post and page titles with a “less is more” mentality, with the majority of titles coming in well below 50 characters. This is done because search engines weight title words and phrases in a left to right fashion (text on the left weights the most).
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