Our Latest Success! VisitIdaho.org Website Migration Case Study

We were recently able to help migrate Idaho’s most popular travel and tourism website to a new design without any loss of search engine authority/popularity. Which, just happened to be our client’s primary concern.


  • Preserving the authority for almost eight thousand landing pages with a considerably smaller website (7,706 pages to 830 pages).
  • Developing an effective strategy to coincide with the website’s fixed migration launch date.


The primary objective of the project was to simply minimize organic search engine authority/popularity loss, given the short time frame and the migration of thousands of landing pages.

Not long ago, we helped AgriBeef migrate Snake River Farms to a new website with resounding results. However, we had more time ahead of the launch date and a much smaller website to deal with.


Despite the challenges, the end result for VisitIdaho.org was much like that of AgriBeef. Not only were we able to successfully preserve authority/popularity, we increased it. And, fixed a number of long standing issues during the process.
Google Analytics – Website Visitors from Search Engines Before and After

Google Analytics Graph
Google Search Console – Eliminated Long Standing Crawling Errors

Google Search Console
Google Search Console – Eliminated New and Old Indexation Errors

Google Search Console

Additional SEO Wins

  • Before launch, there were 672 redirection scripts in place. After launch, we helped bring that number down to 277.
  • We completely eliminated 31 server errors.
  • We also tested and optimized mobile friendliness, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, SSL/HTTPS and structured data.

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