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A good SEO is worth every penny. Getting a website to rank on competitive keyphrases is a very difficult task which requires an ongoing effort from an experienced SEO. If your business depends on the web, ranking well for keyphrases that potential customers will use to find you is crucial to your ROI.

Everyone claims to be an SEO these days. Web design/development companies and consultants are hastily adding it to their service roster, despite having any real clue as to what SEO really is. Marketing and Brand Management agencies have done the same, adopting a technology they know little about.

That leaves the SEOs themselves… the consultants and companies fully devoted to SEO, PPC and Social Marketing. Many of which drop the ball on keyphrase targeting, monitoring and/or reporting. SEO is so much more than just marketing. It requires a fundamental understanding of the technology that powers the web.

I recently posted about how to hire an SEO that can actually rank on Consider reading it if you have even the slightest interest in SEO, especially if you or your company is considering hiring an SEO.

The 6 rules below are designed to help thin the crowd when searching for a knowledgeable SEO.

  1. Google Them.
  2. Portfolio Availability.
  3. Under the Hood Optimization.
  4. Backlinks. Backlinks. Backlinks.
  5. Competing Clients.
  6. Who Does What.

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Josh (the post author) is the founder of and consultant for; a Boise, Idaho based SEO, PPC and Social Internet Marketing consulting firm that has provided services to over 50 companies and agencies over the last 10 years.

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    Your guidelines are a basis of getting the right man for the job. Without frills and without sham.

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