Three Free Web-Based SEO Tools to Evaluate and Compare Websites

Posted by Josh Laughtland, Founder and Consultant for Boise-based SEO and Internet Marketing Company

There are many different types of web-based SEO tools that will generate a quick analysis of a website/blog. These free, basic SEO tools are great for initial observations, but it is important to take note of the high potential for skewed data results. Such is the plight of automated analysis in a world of ever-evolving objectives, rules and Search Engine algorithm updates. Hiccups could even arise due to something as simple as the service not being able to connect to Google or Yahoo!.

Three Free Web-Based SEO Tools

Website Grader

One popular auto-gen website analysis tool is Website Grader. I received a score of 96 when grading Although some of the information presented is relevant, other parts either contain skewed or omitted data. Overall, a good tool for approximation and benchmarking. Grade a Website

Search Engine Saturation

Compare the number of pages indexed versus that of related websites or competitors in the major search engines. Check SE Saturation

Keyphrase Ranking

Another way to benchmark your own website or blog is to simply type in what you are looking for in a search engine and compare who comes up near the top. This tool simplifies the process: Compare Keyphrase Ranks on Multiple Domains

Comparatively Speaking

The above tools can also be utilized to compare potential SEO/Internet Marketing service providers since they help determine a website’s rank compared to that of another. Which makes them a good fit for analyzing the growing crowd of Internet Marketers.

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  • Thanks for sharing this with us internet marketers. Didn’t realized these existed on the net until now. Great article.


  • This is nice information. I had not even heard about these sites…. The website grader checks all the information on a site like indexed pages, yahoo dir, inbound links.. The site review is fantastic and shows you various ways to improve your ranking… thanks a lot for sharing info on the site… I have bookmarked and will be regularly visiting your blog.

  • I have read the entire article and also used these tools to some extent. As an internet marketer i always wanted to increase my PR. It would be appreciated if you can help me out by posting a relevant article in your blog. Thank You.

  • I got a lower score then I would have expected on Website Grader. If i make updates to my site I wonder if it will change?

  • Great article! I would like to add a tool that I find helpful. Its a plugin for Firefox or Chrome. Its called seoquake. Seoquake is a powerful tool, aimed at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites.

    Seoquake allows users to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly.

    I find this tool very useful for seeing how many links a site has, page rank of the site, alexa rank and more.

  • Great article, really enjoyed the Hubspot tool. Great way to benchmark your overall marketing. The company I work for actually just built a 
    free Global Site Score tool. Allows you to enter your URL as well as competitors and see how you rank globally in the markets of your choice. Check it out!

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