The Classic Showdown: SEO vs PPC vs Social Media Marketing in One Graph

Which Bear is Best?Curious about which of the three most infamous digital marketing channels is currently capturing the hearts and minds of the Internet? Since the answer greatly depends on who you ask, let’s simply ask Google.

The graph below represents Google Trends data for estimated search interest for SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing since 2004.

SEO vs PPC vs Social Media in One Graph

So, why the total domination of SEO? We have a few theories, neatly placed in bullets below.

  1. In absolutely every circumstance that we’ve experienced, visitors from organic search engine results convert into customers at a much higher rate than PPC and Social Media Marketing. Translation: people continue to trust organic search engine results over paid ads and social media.
  2. SEO is getting easier to measure and understand as metrics are combined with website analytic data. Further reinforcing the value of SEO with regard to website visitors.
  3. The costs associated with PPC are ever increasing as bid rates in competitive markets soar.
  4. Social Media Marketing continues to be difficult to directly measure, although the indirect benefits are undeniable.
  5. Paid Social Media Marketing is following in the footsteps of PPC with regard to ever increasing costs.


Interestingly enough, Jtree launched right here:

Google Trends Jtree Launch

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