Dominate Page 1 with Multiple Listings

Google is pretty keen at not allowing multiple and/or duplicate listings for the same web page within search results.

Keep in mind that eliminating redundancy is a good thing. Redundancy invalidates the integrity of search results.

Let’s say you run a vegan corn dog stand in Ibiza. Wouldn’t it be great if you gobbled-up 3 or 4 listings on a page 1 search result for “Ibiza vegan corn dogs”? CA-CHING!

So, young corn dog padawan, how does one undermine redundancy, yet rank for multiple results on the same keyphrase?

Easy. Two Words…

Sith Academy


The answer is actually three Words…

Universal Search Results

Google search engine result pages (SERPs) contain result listings composed of various types of web content; web pages, YouTube videos and profile pages from Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

This means that each web property has a chance to rank for the same keyphrase. See SMO to learn more

With regard to your corn dog stand in Ibiza, the idea is to have your Facebook Page, Twitter and Google+ profile pages, YouTube vids and web page all display within the SERP for a particular search query.

You should now be able to envision the afore mentioned CA-CHING! in your mind’s eye.

Here’s how to get started with page 1 domination:

  1. Fire up your YouTube videos, Twitter profiles and Facebook pages…
  2. Optimize those puppies for organic search, SMO style, maintaining aligned targeting with the web page
  3. Treat each YouTube video, Twitter profile and Facebook page as a if they were on the same team as your website… and optimize each member of your dominion accordingly
  4. BLAM!

Note: duration in which BLAM! achievement occurs may vary based on competition, scale and scope conditions.

If you seek guidance with your Social Media Optimization and/or SEO strategies, it is guidanceĀ you shall receive.

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