23 Essential Google Tools for Businesses

giconThe below 23 free tools, apps and software downloads are provided by Google to help businesses, marketers and developers with SEO and Digital Advertising efforts.

Ad Grants
Google Ad Grants
Nonprofit organizations can apply to receive $10,000 per month of AdWords advertising. That’s A LOT of free exposure despite minor campaign limitations.


AdWords Best Practices
AdWords Best Practices
Google’s own best practices guide makes an excellent reference tool when navigating the ever changing AdWords landscape.


AdWords Keyword Tool
Google Keyword Tool
Find out how many people search Google using keywords and phrases related to your business. Research and discover new ideas.

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Google AdSense
Still one of the easiest ways to monetize your website and/or blog. AdSense displays ads on your website, blog or app.

Dig even deeper – get the Chrome extension.

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Google Alerts
Create customized alerts and receive email or RSS notification of freshly indexed content that matches or relates to the type of alert set.


Google Analytics
A powerful and robust tool that provides valuable insight about your website’s visitors.

Dig even deeper – get the Chrome extension.

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Cloud Print
Google Cloud Print
Connects your printers to the cloud enabling control from any web-connected device like your smartphone.


Google Correlate
Compare and correlate search patterns with real-world trends. Companion to Google Trends.


Custom Search Engine
Google Custom Search Engine
DIY Site Search. Use Google to power and/or monetize search on one or more of your websites.


Display Benchmarks
AdWords Display Benchmarks
A useful tool designed to compare AdWords display campaigns with the rest of the industry. See how your campaigns stack-up performance wise.


Google Domains
Register and manage domain names – includes FREE PRIVATE registration and one free domain.


Mobile-Friendly Test
Mobile Friendly Test
Analyze your website to see if it passes Google’s mobile-friendly test. Fear not if your page doesn’t pass, corrective tips are provided.


My Business
Google My Business
Verify and manage your business footprint across Google Search, Maps and Google+. The cornerstone for your business’s presence on Google.

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Google Primer for Android
Quick and easy interactive marketing lessons from Google on your smartphone. Learn about valuable marketing concepts whenever you’ve got a spare 5 minutes.


Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)
Google Search Console
Connect websites to learn about potential issues that deal with security, indexation, structured data, links and mobile friendliness.


Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
A 32 page PDF containing general information and guidelines for optimizing websites for search engines.


Google Sites
Quickly build (one click), manage, share and deploy websites and web pages with ease. Remember Geocities? It’s like that, but a little fancier.


Structured Data Testing Tool
Structured Data Testing Tool
Test your website’s structured data (knowledge graph, ratings, reviews and other markup) to make sure they are formatted correctly.


Think With Google
Think with Google
High quality repository of marketing resources featuring consumer trends, marketing insights, case studies, industry research and creative inspiration.



View real-time trends and explore past, present and estimated future trends for popular topics, searches and YouTube videos. Plus – embeddable charts!


Trusted Store
Google Trusted Stores
Ecommerce much? Become a Google Trusted Store and get seller ratings displayed in Google Shopping and AdWords.


Google Voice
Enhance the capabilities of your current phone regardless of carrier with a new number for yourself or business.

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Web Designer
Google Web Designer
Professional grade HTML5-based web design software available for free download.

There are a lot more than 23 Google tools for businesses available. Please comment below with your own favorites!

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