3 of the Best Browser-Based Website Optimization Tools

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Nothing beats generating relevant – useful site optimization goodness on the fly. Especially when it can be quickly accessed with your long time trusted best buddy and pal – your web browser.

We’ve been using a multitude of website optimization tools on a daily basis for over a decade and thought it was about time to share our favorites that can be easily utilized within your favorite web browser.

SEO Quake Website Optimization

SEO Quake Website Optimization Tool
An oldie but tremendous goodie – is your browser shaking or is it just another SEO Quake? Ha ha. This well crafted tool is best used for ultra fast checking of web pages against a ton of SEO parameters. Plus, on-page and link auditing along with domain/URL comparisons and exports – BOOM. All right here.

Lighthouse Website Improvement

Lighthouse Open Source Website Tool
Need to go deeper? How does a Chrome web browser tool designed for improving the quality of web pages endorsed by Google sound? One that can be run on any web page that returns audits on performance, progressive web apps, accessibility, best practices and yes – SEO. Lighthouse can be run in Chrome DevTools and as a Chrome Extension right here.

Built With Website Technology Profiler

Built With Web Browser Tool
Ever wanted to know more about a particular website? Like why is it so fast, who’s hosting it? Or, what font/CMS/feature is that? Built With has been around for years and scans websites in order to discern what technologies were utilized. You can install it on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and as a bookmarklet right here.

3 Additional Must Have Tools for Your Web Browser

ColorZilla – Color picker and eyedropper tool with additional color related tasks (Chrome/Firefox)
Google Analytics – See live visitors on your website along with access to analytic data (Chrome)
Google Publisher – Easy access to AdSense and DoubleClick data and ad selection tools (Chrome)

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