What Jtree Can Do for You for Under $500

Aside from providing ongoing SEO and paid search service, Jtree also offers a wide range of single-use consultation services designed to assist businesses and agencies with increasing website exposure in Google.

From site health and migrations to keyphrase intelligence and crawl testing, we offer a plethora of services for under $500. Here is a list of our most requested consulting services that cost less than $500.

  • Test a website with our crawler and receive a listing of optimization issues that include recommendations.
  • Optimize blog posts by reviewing content and providing guidance.
  • Improve organic search engine positioning by auditing a key landing page.
  • Provide an analysis featuring recommendations for speeding up a website.
  • Give the best options for preserving and improving optimization for a new website, migration or redesign.
  • Help with a new idea by providing an assessment of historical organic and paid search term volumes.
  • Troubleshoot search engine issues like site indexation and Google Knowledge Panel website information.
  • Monitor for site issues and provide weekly analytic reporting for three months.
  • Make sure Google Ads, AdWords, AdSense, Alerts, My Business and/or Search Console are configured correctly.
  • Assess the best options for monetizing a website.

Oftentimes it makes sense to have us assist your team with specific areas of interest. For companies that need to address all of the above issues and more we offer ongoing SEO and search engine advertising service.

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